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We are committed to fighting the global challenge of microplastic pollution.

The Challenge

While there are many undeniable benefits of plastic as a material, notably their durability and low production cost, they have become a global threat to our ecosystems. Only 29% of used plastics are being collected, while the remaining 71% are instead released into the environment. These waste plastics undergo erosion and fracture into ever smaller particles, contaminating our waterways and ecosystems. These particles are largely unmonitored, therefore the extent of microplastic pollution is still poorly understood.

Who We Are

Particuleye Technologies develops systems to automate the process of microplastic analysis in water streams and water bodies. We leverage innovative technologies such as computer vision and machine learning to make the counting and identification of microplastics fast, easy, accurate, and cost-efficient.

What We Do

Our flagship product is an embedded system that uses modern low-cost hardware and utilizes the latest advances in machine learning technology to analyse micropalstics within water samples, allowing for streamlined microplastic analyses by the press of a button. This helps researchers and governments better understand the extent of microplastic pollution, inform policies, and ultimately lead to the removal of contaminants from the hydrosphere.


Our Team

Particuleye Technologies Inc is composed of experts from diverse backgrounds.

Quinn Desrochers

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Beck

Chief Technology Officer

Zach Gousseau

Chief Analytics Officer

Waseem Jawad

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Tran

Chief Content Officer

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